Title: Cooperation in Hypnosis: Hypnotherapeutic Approaches for Pain Management from Two Differing Contextual, Language and  Cultural Directions
Presenters: Alejandra Diaz, Virginie Adam
Venue: Audytorium Maximum  - Medium Hall B / Aula Średnia B
Time: 13.06.2024 16:00-17:30
Language: EN/PL

The transmission of skills, gained through experiences, is an essential element to the advancement of clinical hypnosis. Contrasting points of view in a professional setting bring richness to the construction of hypnotic suggestions and a cooperative exchange of learning and teaching hypnosis to others. Milton Erickson promoted the creative work of tailoring therapy to the patient’s needs based on utilization of his inner resources and contextual circumstances, among other elements. In the work with patients with acute and/or chronic pain, it is essential to use these professional skills to provide a variety of options for the prolific unconscious mind to choose from.
This presentation brings together two individuals with differing languages, and from distinct cultural and educational backgrounds to show how wisdom of working together is a two-way interactive process that benefits health professionals and patients alike.
Presenters believe that the exposure to dual trance with a combination of stimuli of distinct languages, voices and accents is an invitation for self-exploration. Metaphors, enriched by dissimilar cultural backgrounds and perspectives represent a creative open door to possibilities of transformation. In addition, ideas, and points of view of two separate psychotherapeutic approaches offer engaging options for the creative work that can be done in a clinical context.
This will be a workshop with a combination of didactic and experiential ideas. Presenters aim at providing a comparison-contrast approach to demonstrate how dual trance can invite the subject to discover his own problem-solving path for pain management, unique to his own needs. Following the induction, an interactive discussion with the subject will be used to further enhance and reinforce therapeutic outcomes. Presenters will offer a creative, interactive, and engaging setting for professional discussion and enrichment in the field of pain management assisted by clinical hypnosis.