Title: Help your clients reduce sugar consumption with hypnosis
Presenters: Randi Abrahamsen
Venue: Audytorium Maximum  - Small Hall / Aula Mała
Time: 13.06.2024 16:00-17:30
Language: EN

Many persons would like to reduce their sugar consumption to get better health and stronger teeth, but often they find it difficult to deal with the craving and change old addicted habits such as using sugar for comfort and stress relieve. It is very important that the person do not develop an eating disorder. Through the years I have developed methods in a balanced way to help my patients to reduce the use of sugar with the help of hypnosis.
This workshop will focus on hypnotic methods to help develop the resources and empowerment to say no to sugar. Ego-state therapy and use of metaphors can help people overcome the craving for sugar in a balanced way. There will be a chance to practice the methods during the workshop.

Randi Abrahamsen - Experienced Dentist in the Community Dental Service; teaching and lecturing in the Section of Orofacial Pain and Jaw function at the Dental School, Aarhus University. During this period I was involved with orofacial pain research and a private hypnosis pain clinic, which I now manage. I am a Consultant in orofacial pain and a Lecturer giving workshops for Dentists and dental staff.