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Title: Metaphorical reframing- with the clients and their intuitive wisdom of their organisms as the autonomous expert in hypnotherapeutic cooperation- a very effective hypnosystemic and self-hypnosis strategy for transforming habits, emotional and body-symptoms.
Presenters: Gunther Schmidt
Venue: Audytorium Maximum  - Medium Hall A / Aula Średnia A
Time: 14.06.2024 16:00-17:30
Language: EN/PL


Every hetero-hypnosis can only be successful as self-hypnosis- as is clearly shown in brain research (autopoiesis). That also proves that every symptom is a result of (involuntary) and consciously unwanted self-hypnosis (problem-trance-induction). Conclusion: the clients are the involuntary “creators” of their symptoms (of course not consciously wanted) and also the real “therapists” themselves. To function as effective therapists they can be helped and assisted by the “formal official therapists” especially metaphorical interventions, because these are very effective ways to influence the involuntary and unconscious processes, especially when the clients  

In the workshop it will be demonstrated theoretically and practically) how
a) the clients (assisted by the therapist) can creatively develop their autonomous
    metaphorical descriptions of the problem-trance process which makes it possible
    to reframe the symptoms as competences for important needs) and
b) how they can develop very effective metaphorical interventions for healthy
    transformations and solutions of the symptoms and reactivate their unconscious
    competences and
c) how they can derive symbolic “transfer interventions” for every day life out of the
    metaphorical interventions for long lasting “sustainability interventions”/
    autonomously created post-hypnotic interventions

Dr. med. M.S. (economics) Gunther Schmidt, Medical doctor- specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, Medical director of sysTelios-clinic for psychosomatic health development (inpatient clinic) in 69483 Waldmichelbach-Siedelsbrunn, director of the Milton-Erickson-Institut Heidelberg.
Life Achievement Award 2011 of the German training field, award of the Milton-Erickson-Society of German (MEG-Preis 2014) Coaching Award 2015 of the German Coaching Convention, winwinno-price 2017 of the Association for mediation DACH e.V., of Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Founder of the  hypnosystemic approach for competence-activation and solution development in therapy/ counseling/ coaching/ team-and organizational development, teacher and supervisor in systemic therapy of the Systemic Society of Germany (SG) and the DGSF and the Helm Stierlin Institute, teaching trainer and for 20 years vice-president of the German Milton-Erickson-Society for clinical hypnosis (MEG), Co-founder and Senior Coach of the German Association for Coaching (DBVC). International teaching and training activities, author of many professional publications (6 books, more than 70 articles, audio-and video-publications)