Title: Hypnosis for dental anxiety in children
Presenters: Randi Abrahamsen
Didactic centre of the Faculty of Law and Administration (Krupnicza 33A)     
Wydział Prawa i Administracji Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego (Krupnicza 33A) 

Blue Hall / Aula Niebieska

Time: 14.06.2024 16:00-17:30
Language: EN


Many children have difficulties to cope with dental treatment. Hypnosis can be a powerful treatment for dental anxiety in children. This interactive workshop will focus on the meeting with the child in dental practice. With the use of a few movie sentences from the daily life in a dental clinic you can discover or improve tools to notice the body language of anxiety in the child. There will also be focus on playful hypnotic methods to help develop the resources and empowerment in children in order to help them overcome the dental anxiety. Predictability of the dental treatment, refraiming of the sound of the drilling-machine, Ego-state therapy and use of metaphors can help the children overcome dental anxiety

Experienced Dentist in the Community Dental Service; teaching and lecturing in the Section of Orofacial Pain and Jaw function at the Dental School, Aarhus University. During this period I was involved with orofacial pain research and a private hypnosis pain clinic, which I now manage. I am a Consultant in orofacial pain and a Lecturer giving workshops for Dentists and dental staff.