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 Integrating Traditional and Contemporary Approaches to Hypnosis, Ego States and the Body for Acute Trauma Management.

Presenters: Carl Hattingh
Venue: Audytorium Maximum - Exhibition Room A / Sala Wystawowa A
Time: 14.06.2024 8:30-10:00

Language: EN/PL


“Each person is unique individual, hence psychotherapy should be formulated to meet the uniqueness of the individual’s needs…” Dr Milton H. Erickson. Each person’s response to trauma is also unique, hence a trauma therapist needs to tailor their intervention to the unique trauma presentation of the individual. The individual trauma response is also determined by the unique ego state development of the individual. This workshop will present different guiding principles to manage the challenges of assessing and developing an individualised trauma intervention to
facilitate the process of moving from a survival response to cooperation and interpersonal connection. The benefits of appreciating the specific survival reaction of the individual to tailor a specific intervention will be presented and demonstrated. Utilising the principles of the Polyvagal Theory and the somatic approaches can be integrated with Ego State Therapy in tailoring hypnotic interventions and communication to facilitate change.

Carl (Callie) Hattingh is a Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor in private practice in Sydney, Australia. He is on the Board of Executives of the International Society of Hypnosis and the Co-chair of the Crisis and Intervention Committee of the International and European Societies of Hypnosis. Carl is the President Elect of Ego State Therapy International, the founding President of the Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, as well as the Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Sydney. He received the Fuma award for his contribution to
Promoting Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in South Africa and is a past Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institutes of South Africa (MEISA). He has been a trainer, keynote speaker and faculty member at various congresses and training events. Carl organised the Contemporary Approaches to Trauma congresses in South Africa and is a registered supervisor and trainer with Ego State Therapy International (ESTI), as well as a registered Somatic Experiencing for Trauma Practitioner (SEP).