Title: Teaching/learning features in Swedish/Russian cooperation on hypnosis
Presenters: Susanna Carolusson,  Nikita Obukhov
Didactic centre of the Faculty of Law and Administration (Krupnicza 33A)     
Wydział Prawa i Administracji Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego (Krupnicza 33A)   

Blue Hall / Aula Niebieska
Time: 14.06.2024 8:30-10:00

Language: EN


Russians learning hypnosis from a Swedish teacher; how we coped with cultural variations

Nikita (Russian) and Susanna (Swedeish) will present, demonstrate and discuss, how they experienced cultural differences, based on two hundred hours training by Susanna and her European colleagues. Background: Russian students, grown up on Soviet traditional hypnosis, met Eriksonian hypnosis only in the 90s. Nikita asks himself: How did we perceive the Swedish non-directive, liberal approach and teaching style? Did we fall backwards at the cry "sleep!"? Why are we arriving late to class? Susanna asks herself: What did I have to change from the first workshop to the later ones? Theory, powerpoints, exercise instructions, etc. Russians made me improve my presentations, so that I could keep a liberal style, not causing chaos!


To share and express presenter's and your own critical thinking regarding:

- „national-cultural" typical classroom behaviour,

- expectations on an invited inernational teacher,

- how cultural differences in health and care traditions influence „hypnotizer style"