Title: A technique or a school:A preliminary idea of Ericksonian approach
Presenters: Ting Wang
Venue: Audytorium Maximum  - Conference Room / Sala Konferencyjna
Time: 14.06.2024 -10:30-12:00
Language: EN


Milton H Erickson is a giant in psychotherapy. His practice is so extraordinary and was studied word by word by many followers even after he passed away for more than 40 years. But many students found his work is too amazing to imitate because Erickson mostly focused on how to practice hypnosis instead of why he chose that way to help clients. He believes that each client is unique, so it is necessary to develop a individual treatment method to help them. His collaborators and students seem to have focused more on summarizing and developing the techniques of the Ericksonian approach over the past few decades, rather than case formulation. No one has proposed the case conceptualization of the Ericksonian approach. Therefore, many specialists of the Ericksonian approach, at least in China, only apply it as a fundamental technique in their work, using hypnosis to help pain management, or sleep quality improvement, or CBT treatment under hypnosis, psychoanalysis under hypnosis, etc., Many specialists take hypnosis as an effective technique for symptom management or a good mind state can enhance other psychotherapies, and it is! But these are not independent clinical hypnotherapy.

To be an independent clinical hypnotherapy, it need a conceptualization system.

More and more assessment frameworks have emerged from some books, with Dr Zeig and B. Geary proposing some great evaluation ideas, and Kris Klajs also publishing a book on Ericksonian assessment. In the past 5 years of my clinical hypnosis practice and supervision, we have also made preliminary explorations based on this idea and obtained some experience and gains, pains as well.

I hope that through sharing and discussing these experiences, more specialists who apply clinical hypnosis can pay attention to the conceptualization of clinical hypnosis, brainstorm and continuously develop, and ultimately propose the conceptualization framework, so that more people can easily learn the treatment of the Ericksonian approach.