Title: Hypnosis and Mental Coaching: Supporting Flow and Optimal Performance
Presenters: Pia Puolakka
the main building of AGH University of Science and Technology - A0
A0 Akademii Górniczo-Hutniczej (al. Adama Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków) 
Room 380 B / Sala 380 B

Time: 20- 30 minute presentation during 6th pararell sesion- 14.06.2024 10:30-12:00

Language: EN


My presentation is about the use of hypnosis in mental coaching. Mental coaching is about training mental skills like goal setting, resilience, habits, motivation and self-talk for optimal performance in personal and professional goals. It can be used with athletes, as part of career coaching, or with any other are of life where personal development is involved. Hypnotic techniques can greatly assist in mental coaching. Techniques like visualization, reframing, imagery, self-hypnosis and suggestions, mindfulness and relaxation and training optimal performance and flow in hypnosis are used in the process.

My model of hypnosis based mental coaching was developed as a final work of my mental coaching studies in Finland. This model is a combination of short-term therapy, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy and positive psychology. The duration of this intervention is 3 months (12 sessions, 4 modules with 3 sessions). I've been using the model with my coaching clients since 2021, and I've applied this practice also to my psychotherapy and hypnotherapy clients when working with self-development and self-improvement targets. I am currently developing the model to suit the purposes of staff well-being improvement and working with socially and vocationally disadvantaged population. Another variation is to develop an online platform for independent / partly independent use of mental coaching.

My presentation includes introducing the hypnosis based coaching concept and case examples. It's also possible to include someone from the audience to test a specific technique.

Pia Puolakka is a psychologist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and mental coach. She has been working as a private clinical practitioner for more than 10 years. She is also a forensic psychologist and has been working as a prison psychologist. She has been mostly using hypnosis as part of trauma therapy, schema therapy and mental coaching. She is a board member of the Finnish Society for Scientific Hypnosis.