Title: Experiencing education in trance – 15 Clinical interactions between mind and body.
Presenters: Michael Capek
the main building of AGH University of Science and Technology - A0
A0 Akademii Górniczo-Hutniczej (al. Adama Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków) 
Room 137 / Sala 137

Time: 14.06.2024 -10:30-12:00

Language: EN


We learn better when relaxed. Hypnosis takes relaxation to a whole new level. So rather than use traditional methods of giving a lecture, why not give the presentation with the audience already under Hypnosis. And perhaps what the presenter is trying to relay to his audience will be better retained and recalled. This will be for you to judge and find out for yourselves.

The talk that will be presented in trance is entitled ‘15 Clinical interactions between Mind and Body’. It will contain exercises to perform within trance.

This is likely to be one of the less intense workshops in this Congress. Expect to spend most of your time in trance. As well as listening to the talk there will be some in trance demonstrations of techniques to help your somatising patients. If time allows there will be an opportunity for you to mentally rehearse how you yourselves may give a presentation to an audience in trance as a method of teaching and education.

This workshop will be suitable for all but may be particularly useful to those who teach hypnosis, are new to hypnosis, who want to understand the subject matter better, or just need a session to chill out.

There may be a 5 minute questionnaire to complete after the workshop.

Michael Capek - Formerly a family physician, mental health generalist and mental health clinical lead within primary care, Michael now spends his time attempting to educate others. He retains his roles as Clinical Adviser to the charity Anxiety UK and as an independent medical hypnotherapy practitioner, most of it these days online.