Title: Three ways to treat three different phobias with Hypnotic Technics
Presenters: Garcia-Sanchez Teresa
Venue: Audytorium Maximum  - Medium Hall A / Aula Średnia A
Time: 14.06.2024 12:30-14:00
Language: EN/PL


Abstract: Three ways to treat three different phobias

Phobias can be classified into three categories:

- Phobias produced by a known a traumatic event

- Phobias without known cause

- Inherited or atavistic phobias

Three different treatments will be offered during the workshop, then following a demonstration with a volunteer, participants will be able to practice these different ways of intervention among themselves.

These techniques include:

- Conversational hypnosis

- Symbolic hypnotic phenomenon without the need for deep trance

- Metaphorical induction

- Conditioning or “anchoring”

- Projection to the future


Exercises: The assistants will perform the following exercises

- Differentiate between the different types of phobias by classifying them from a list that will be given to them-

- Propose to a participant partner a metaphorical induction which will include an “anchor” and projection into the future.

- Produce the symbolic hypnotic phenomenon without the need for deep trance.



Julio Juanes Rubert, MA, Director of Instituto Erickson Madrid where he also teaches several classes during the 2-year Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis Master (Conversational hypnosis, history of hypnosis, depression treatment, advanced Ericksonian techniques, Ericksonian linguistics). His academic background includes graduate in psychology, graduate in Chemistry and Food Science, Master in Psychotherapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis. He is specialised in Conversational hypnosis and linguistics and has presented in congresses like 2019 Ericksonian Congress (Phoenix, Arizona, US) among others.


In 2000 Teresa Garcia-Sanchez opened the Instituto Erickson Madrid where she invited Dr. Erickson's disciples as teachers. She is an Invited Faculty Member at the Phoenix Ericksonian Congress, regularly presents at the CFHTB, ESH, ISH, ASCH Congresses. She has presented more than a hundred conferences in 26 countries at Congresses, Hospitals and Universities. She was included in the table, presented by Zeig (Dec. 2011) among the 22 therapists most recognized as “NEO-ERICKSONIANS”. With Dan Short, Betty and Roxanna Erickson she wrote the book “The Hipnosis of Milton Erickson” the second edition of which has just been published. Her book “Las Metáforas de la Hipnosis Ericksoniana” has just been published.