Title: Hypnosis in Family Therapy
Presenters: Camillo Loriedo
Venue: Audytorium Maximum  - Medium Hall B / Aula Średnia B
Time: 14.06.2024 12:30-14:00
Language: EN/PL


The demonstration of a family hypnotic session offers a clear idea of the powerful and subtle resistances a family members may develop in the course of their therapeutic treatment as well as of the many different solutions a therapist may adopt to overcome these resistances.

Bodily communication, minimal cues and ideomotor responses can activate emotions in the family and make them available to produce change

Indirect as well as direct forms of hypnosis to be used in the family interview will be presented and special attention will be dedicated to the criteria to follow in order to combine properly direct and indirect hypnotic communication in the different phases of the therapeutic process.

Learning Objectives

  1. To describe six different forms of hypnotic family therapy according with the type of family resistance
  2. To list five different specific hypnotic inductions with families
  3. To learn how to conduct an hypnotic session with a family or a couple