Title: The role of the fronto-parietal network in Hypnosis
Presenters: Morteza Aliashrafi
Venue: Audytorium Maximum - Small Hall / Aula Mała
Time: 20- 30 minute presentation during 7th pararell sesion- 14.06.2024 12:30-14:00

Language: EN


The fronto-parietal network is a key brain network involved in various cognitive functions such as attention, working memory, and executive control. This network plays a crucial role in consciousness by integrating information from different brain regions to create a coherent sense of self-awareness and perception of the external world. The fronto-parietal network's connectivity and activity patterns are also associated with levels of consciousness, with higher levels of connectivity within this network being linked to increased levels of consciousness. In the context of hypnosis, the fronto-parietal network is thought to play a crucial role in mediating the altered state of consciousness experienced during hypnosis.
Research suggests that during hypnosis, there is a shift in activity within the fronto-parietal network, with decreased activity in regions associated with self-awareness and increased connectivity between regions involved in attention and cognitive control. This altered activity pattern is believed to underlie the hypnotic state, characterized by heightened suggestibility, focused attention, and reduced awareness of external stimuli.
Furthermore, the fronto-parietal network is also thought to be involved in the regulation of response to suggestions given during hypnosis, influencing the individual's ability to adopt new beliefs or behaviors suggested by the hypnotist.
Overall, the fronto-parietal network's role in hypnosis highlights its importance in modulating cognitive processes and facilitating changes in consciousness that occur during hypnotic experiences.

Morteza Aliashrafi - I was born in 1975. I studied medical doctor (1994-2001), and hold a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience(2016-2022). With a strong passion for exploring the intricacies of the mind and consciousness, I delved into the world of hypnotherapy in 2005, embarking on a journey that would shape my professional trajectory. In 2008 till now, I was selected as a hypnotherapy teacher at the Iranian Scientific Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Alongside academic pursuits, I run a personal medical office where I offer comprehensive hypnotherapy services.