Title: Awake during Brain Surgery?
Presenters: Ernil Hansen
Venue: Audytorium Maximum - Small Hall / Aula Mała
Time: 20- 30 minute presentation during 7th pararell sesion- 14.06.2024 12:30-14:00

Language: EN


For surgery of tumors close to eloquent areas of the brain or for deep brain stimulation to treat Morbus Parkinson patients have to stay awake during brain surgery for intraoperative testing. A method is described using cranial nerve blocks, accompaniment and hypnotic communication instead of analgetic and sedative drugs. The therapeutic communication is based on the patient`s natural trance-state, avoidance of negative suggestions, dissociation to a safe place, utilization of patient`s responses, reframing of noises and sensations, and verbal and nonverbal positive suggestions. Stimulating the patient`s abilities and resources leads to creative collaboration and affirmative self-confidence. Pictures and video-clips demonstrate the efficacy of the procedure. Advantages of hypnotic communication versus hypnosis in this indication are discussed.

Ernil Hansen - Professsor of Anaesthesiology at the University Hospital of Regensburg, Germany. Lectures and workshops abaout Therapeutic Communication for students, doctors, nurses and hypnotherapists. Scientific board and award winner of Milton-Erickson-Society of Germany,