Title: Developmental trauma and the Ericksonian magic
Presenters: Liliana Cane 
Venue: Audytorium Maximum  - Exhibition room B / Sala Wystawowa B
Time: 14.06.2024 12:30-14:00
Language: EN


Clients consulting for mood dysregulation like anxiety, depression and problematic intimate relationships are often not aware that these symptoms are connected with childhood neglect and trauma. Recent research in psychology and neuroscience show that these difficulties have their emergence during the child’s forming years when they needed to be protected, heard, recognized and validated to develop cognitive, social, affective and neural basis for harmonious development. Relational trauma interferes with brain maturation, compromising physiological reactivity, emotional regulation, identity construction and the ability to entertain harmonious interpersonal relationships.


This presentation aims to take stock on current knowledge of complex post-traumatic syndrome and Ericksonian hypnotherapy to help clinicians understand, evaluate and determine client’s difficulties in a thorough manner.  Addressing both the present needs and the genesis of the difficulties is essential to enhance therapeutic impact. Ericksonian hypnotherapy is a precious tool to transform the past so as to heal the present thanks to its use of narratives and the pseudo orientation in time within a hypnotic relationship. Hypnosis can help stimulate the client's creative capacity and thus construct healing emotional situations. All of these are elements of  powerful interventions that will be discussed and demonstrated during this presentation.