Title: Hypnosis through life and age
Presenters: Prevot-Stimec Isabelle, Laurent Amadine, Edith Hameon Bezard
Didactic centre of the Faculty of Law and Administration (Krupnicza 33A)     
Wydział Prawa i Administracji Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego (Krupnicza 33A) 
Room 109 / Sala 109

Time: 14.06.2024 12:30-14:00
Language: EN


Hypnosis has accompanied the life of both patient and therapist through the ages. Communication between the conscious and the unconscious, made possible in particular by the natural phenomena of hypnotic trances, is a necessity in the harmonious growth of individuals. Through the complementary
experiences and work of three therapists, at three ages, we invite you to discover / rediscover how hypnosis fits into each stage of our life cycle to support us towards a continuum of change, better adaptability to the tests and constraints of life. Through practical exercises and clinical cases you can discover the central place of hypnosis, far from the simple "therapeutic tools"

EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: (Please enter 3 objectives)
Increase therapeutic skills and transmit them to younger therapist
Learn to Work with the life cycle
Learn to Work with patient of different ages