Joseph Meyerson (IL)

Joseph Meyerson, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, hypnotic psychotherapist, supervisor, and manager at HypnoClinic, a state-approved institute for hypnosis education and training in Tel Aviv. Additionally, Joseph serves as a Head of three years, Hypnotic Psychotherapy program for Psychologist in the Department of Psychology of Bar Ilan University. Joseph is a Joined President of Israeli Psychosomatic Society, Past President of the Israeli Society of Hypnosis, and a former member of the Statutory Advising Committee for Hypnosis of the Ministry of Health. Joseph currently serves as chairman of the Ministry of Health's Examination Committee for Hypnosis Accreditation. During the last six years, he acted as a teaching fellow in the Behavior Science Section S.D.M at Tel Aviv University. He received his training in Ericksonian psychotherapy from Ernst Rossi Ph.D., Dr. Klinehause, and Nahi Alon, and  Jeffry Zeig, Ph.D., and Geary, Ph.D. at the Ericksonian Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Recently Joseph received ESTI certification as ego state therapist, supervisor, and trainer. Additionally, he was trained in EMDR by Dr. Shapiro. Joseph Meyerson has authored several papers and a book chapter on the subject of hypnotic and strategic psychotherapy and particularly on the use of dissociative-associative strategies and paramnesias in hypnotherapy. Currently, he lectures at many national (Israel) and international (US, Malta, Austria, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Ireland, Hungary) conferences on these topics and supervises numerous professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, and dentists) who utilize hypnosis in their practice.