Title: Hypnotic Cooperation in Surgical Operations with Awareness Under Conscious Hypnosis (AUCH) Method
Presenters: Ali Özden ÖZTÜRK, Gizemnur ÖZTÜRK
Venue: Audytorium Maximum - Exhibition Room B / Sala Wystawowa B
Time: 13.06.2024 10:30-12:00
Language: EN


AUCH (Awareness Under Conscious Hypnosis) Method can be used in many different fields of medicine, dentistry and psychology.
In this presentation, we will discuss how efficiently AUCH Method can be used in surgical operations to increase hypnotic cooperation between patient and therapist and to increase the efficiency of hypnosis during perioperative period.
AUCH has three main principles which are “Awareness, Differentiation and Feeling”. These principles are associated with the three main steps of AUCH: “MAYA (Making Acceptance with Your Awareness), Induction and Auto-Hypnosis”.
At the end of this presentation, the participants will be able to:
1. Discuss the importance of MAYA (Making Acceptance with Your Awareness) step for establishing a proper hypnotic cooperation between patient and therapist in order to help patient to cope with previous negative experiences regarding surgery and treatment, and also to handle the common and cultural prejudices regarding the illness and treatment process;
2. Discuss the importance of Induction step for improving hypnotic cooperation between patient and therapist in order to cope with the problems that can be met during pre-, intra- and post-operative periods;
3. Discuss the importance of Autohypnosis step for helping patient to go on utilizing hypnotic cooperation after the surgical operation to cope with the postoperative problems such as the loss of a body part/function, to attain social adaptation, to relive pain, to gain health and etc.


Ali Özden Öztürk, MD. Treasurer and BOD member of ESH; the founder member and the current President of Society of Medical Hypnosis (THD); member of ISH, specialty: Awareness Under Conscious Hypnosis (AUCH) Method; studies in numerous universities, private practice with applications of AUCH for pain management, surgery, obstetrics, hypnoanestesia, psychosomatic medicine, positive psychotherapy, family therapy, hypnoacupuncture etc.,
Gizemnur Öztürk, MD. Graduated from Sofia Medical University, member of THD; member of ESH and ISH, the assistant of Dr. Ali Özden Öztürk since 2011.