Hypnotic treatment of traumas

Presenters: Claude Virot
Venue: Audytorium Maximum  - Exhibition Room A / Sala Wystawowa A
Time: 13.06.2024 12:30-14:00
Language: EN/PL

A trauma is an event - single or multiple - that instantly changes our inner, emotional and bodily world, as well as our relationship to the outer world. We have all experienced such trauma throughout our lives. The intensity of the triggering event is very variable as are the effects. These can be very independent of the nature and intensity of the event, which should lead us to take into account the effects experienced by the patient rather than the very nature of the trauma. We can also observe that we have spontaneously overcome most of the traumas we have experienced. The same is true for our patients. Yet some traumas never seem to heal and the consequences settle in the long term, in the years with manifestations that worsen.

We will also observe that memory is always linked to unresolved trauma and that the evocation of the event instantly brings the patient back to this specific moment of his life. Most often, this link is an image of this event, as a photo, or as a sound, or as a bodily sensation.

Here we will explore a very simple technique which consists in undoing the link with this image and then installing a «therapeutic» image.  After this «cleansing» of memory, the patient’s inner world can regain its natural functioning with immediate and lasting therapeutic effects.


Knowing the nature of a trauma and its natural evolution
Identify an active trauma by its effects, regardless of its origin intensity
Identify the image that links past trauma to the present
Learn a technique adaptable to all types of trauma
Know how to use and transmit this technique to practice self-hypnosis


1: Demonstration

2: Exercises by 2 or 3

3: Self-hypnosis