Title: The use of hypnosis in psychiatry
Presenters: Shuiro Sango, Naoki  Watanabe
the main building of AGH University of Science and Technology - A0
A0 Akademii Górniczo-Hutniczej (al. Adama Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków) 

Room 208 / Sala 208

Time: 20- 30 minute presentation during 3 pararell sesion- 13.06.2024 12:30-14:00

Language: EN


Hypnosis is rarely practiced in Japanese psychiatry. However, imagery therapy using hypnosis based on the patient's life story can activate the patient's subconscious self-healing powers and lead to recovery. This is because images and fantasies can cross the boundary between the conscious and unconscious mind and work on the inner source of healing. We want to present a case study using this kind of therapy.

We conducted life-story-based hypnosis for a female patient in her 70s with psychogenic dyspnea. This approach allowed us to ascertain the relevance of her son's suicide episode to her symptoms. In the East, there is the concept of mind-body oneness. Psychological symptoms can cause physical symptoms and vice versa. We performed hypnosis techniques for grief care to heal the patient's grief story. The effect: her breathing difficulties were alleviated, and her depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts disappeared. In addition, we suggested practicing self-hypnosis at home to restore her emotional energy further. This helped her to relax at home. However, during the post-treatment interview, it was puzzling that the husband, who was accompanying his wife, was not pleased with her recovery. So, we suggested family therapy with hypnosis for the couple.

This series of treatments not only alleviated the patient's psychogenic dyspnea but also harmonized the couple's emotional discrepancies regarding the death of their son. This flexible treatment was beneficial to the well-being of the elderly couple.

Hypnosis based on the patient's life story and the family's history was effective in the treatment of trauma.

The author is a Japan Institute of Hypnosis board member and a public psychologist in Japan.