Title: Empowering Youth Through Invisible Bonds: Integrating Bowlby's Attachment Theory into Hypnotherapy
Presenters: Anna Knakkergaard
the main building of AGH University of Science and Technology - A0
A0 Akademii Górniczo-Hutniczej (al. Adama Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków) 
Room 133 / Sala 133

Time: 13.06.2024 12:30-14:00
Language: EN


This workshop focuses on the hypnotherapeutic approach known as the 'Invisible Bond' method. It's an approach that can be applied to clients of all ages, though it is particularly suitable for children and adolescents. Rooted in John Bowlby's foundational attachment theory, this approach is highly effective for individuals struggling with separation anxiety or attachment disorders—issues commonly seen in adopted children. Bowlby's theory highlights the critical role of a child's early relationships and bonding experiences in their emotional and psychological development and serves as the theoretical foundation for the method we'll explore.

Participants will engage in a practical exercise and examine case studies to understand how the "Invisible Bond" method implements Bowlby's principles to foster secure attachments through therapeutic intervention. The workshop, led by Anna Knakkergaard, a physician and clinical hypnotherapist with significant experience in treating children and their families, aims to equip professionals with the skills necessary for the successful use of hypnotherapy in improving mental health among youth.

The session will emphasize the importance of creating safe and nurturing therapeutic environments that reflect the secure bases outlined by Bowlby, promoting emotional healing and resilience in young clients. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how hypnotherapy, when combined with attachment theory, can serve as a potent tool for meeting the psychological needs of children and adolescents.


Anna Knakkergaard is a medical doctor and clinical hypnotherapist and has specialized in the treatment of children and young people and their families. Since 2014 she has been working with hypnotherapy from her own private clinic. Besides offering individualised therapy to children and their families, Anna Knakkergaard educates other healthcare professionals in using clinical hypnotherapy.