Title: Development of an intervention integrating procedures combining hypnosis and virtual reality in the support of patients with myeloma
Presenters: Floriane Rousseaux
Venue: Audytorium Maximum - Exhibition Room B / Sala Wystawowa B
Time: 20 minute presentation during 1 pararell sesion-  13.06.2024 8:30-10:00
Language: EN


Introduction: This project aims to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients, particularly those with multiple myeloma undergoing stem cell transplantation. It proposes a virtual reality and hypnosis (VRH) intervention to reduce emotional distress and pain during this critical period. The study evaluates user experience and effects on quality of life and emotional distress. Collaboration with clinicians, researchers, digital artists, and patient partners aims to create a tailored tool, focusing on person-centered care and intervention customization.

Methods: A mixed-method study will involve 75 hematology patients randomized to VRH or a control condition (C), receiving standard psychological consultations. Both interventions consist of four 45-minute sessions over a two-week transplant period. Participants complete self-assessments pre-transplantation (T0), post-transplantation (T1), and at 100 days follow-up (T2), reflecting recovery post-transplantation.

Future direction: This study protocol and the reflexion around hypnosis and technologies aims to refine VRH interventions for oncology settings, anticipating multicenter efficacy studies and integrating physiological measurements to understand intervention effectiveness. Comprehensive training and global collaborations empower healthcare professionals for widespread implementation, ultimately improving cancer patient care.

Dr. Floriane Rousseaux, PhD, specializes in occupational psychology and ergonomics, focusing on implementing hypnosis and virtual reality in hospitals. She is working on hemato-oncology research at the Research Center of Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (HMR) in the Medical Hypnosis Laboratory (Montreal) in collaboration with Prof. David Ogez, specialized in hypnosis techniques.