Title: Hypnotoc Stabilization Techniques for Advanced Field Support of Critically Injured Patients
Presenters: Erik De Soir
Venue: Audytorium Maximum - Conference Room / Sala Konferencyjna
Time: 13.06.2024 8:30-10:00

Language: EN


This workshop provides practice-based and scientific evidence that fire, rescue and emergency services personnel may be underestimated actors with respect to the prevention of psychological trauma. The author presents the findings of a pilot study on psychological stabilization of seven victims of severe motor vehicle accidents. These victims were pinched into the wreckage and psychologically stabilized with the ‘rescue squirrel method’. The ‘rescue squirrel’ is a specially trained firefighter or paramedic who assists victims of severe (motor vehicle) accidents during the extrication procedure using a stepped intervention model based on hypnotic techniques. The efficacy of this method is assessed through the impact the stabilization techniques have on the victims’ vital parameters (heart rhythm, respiratory frequency and blood pressure) and psychological experience during the rescue operations i.e. the peritraumatic experience.
The lessons learned form both field experiences of the author and these first empiric results support the expectation that ‘peritraumatic psychological stabilization’ opens new perspectives in the area of trauma prevention and prehospital care of critically injured victims.
Participants in this workshop will experience the rescue squirrel protocol through a series a practical exercises in field hypnosis.
The author also used his fire rescue experiences to develop a military version of the ‘rescue squirrel’ for advanced combat casualty care in combat operations.

Erik de Soir retired after a successful career as an infantry officer, military psychologist and associate professor. He is a uniformed fire rescue psychologist and a trauma consultant for high risk organizations and security companies. Erik De Soir is a PhD in Psychology and a PhD in Social and Military Sciences. He also earned a Postgraduate Degree in Disaster Management & Disaster Medicine, Postgraduate Psychotherapy Training in Systems Therapy and extensive training in Hypnotherapy for Acute and Chronic/Complex Trauma. President of the Flemish Scientific Association for Hypnosis.